April 14 Race – final schedule

APRIL 14 HOME RACE – Ithaca (IC), Skidmore (SC), Smith, St. Lawrence (StL)
Here is the link to the Lane draw and Live results

note entry changes for the 12:25 (M2V8) race and 1:20 (W4) races

9:45am Regatta Meeting

11:00   Wv8         (SC Smith)
11:10   Wv8         (IC StL)
11:20   Mnov8     (IC StL IC b)
11:45   W2v8       (IC StL Smith)
11:50   Mv8         (IC StL SC)
12:20   W3v8       (IC Smith)
12:25   M2v8       (IC StL)
12:50   Wnov8    (IC StL)
1:00     Wv8         1st place crews
1:10     Wv8         2nd place crews
1:20     W4           (StL IC)

Reminder that there will be no spectator or athlete parking at the Boathouse parking lot due to the visiting team trailers. Parking will be available  via Cascadilla Street, at the lots across the railroad tracks from the Boathouse. Check the main blog Visiting Teams link above, then select the Directions & Parking tab.


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