April 21 Race Results, April 28 Race Preview

Last weekend the Ithaca Crews raced in Worcester, MA, on the Lake Quinsigamond course. There was a moderate tailwind resulting in some chop in the last 1000 meters, and crosswinds at the start made for tricky alignments. Ithaca’s mens crews raced three eights (1V, 2V, and 3V, with novices mixed in the 2V and 3V) fast competition coming from Trinity and WPI. The women’s events included heats and finals for the 1V and 2V, with finals only for the 3V and Novice 8. Ithaca’s 1V and 2V women won their heats, with the 1V going on to win the final, along with a victory for the Novice 8.

Men’s results:

MV8: Trinity 6.04.15, WPI 6.05.31, IC 6.10.45, Colby 6.10.62,  UNH 6.37.31

M2V8: Trinity 6.17.2, WPI 6.17.44, Colby 6.24.92, IC 6.37.74, UNH 6.54.69

M3V8: WPI 6.32.2, IC 6.37.9

Women’s Results:

WV8 heat: IC 6.57.7, UNH 7.03.71, Trinity 7.23.87, ConnCollege 7.28.41

WV8 final: IC 6.41.36, WPi 6.51.09, UNH 7.00.68, WilliamSmith 7.08.12

W2V8 heat: IC 7.20.8, Colby 7.26.01, UNH 7.43.57, ConnCollege 7.50.09

W2V8 final: WPI 7.04.08, WilliamSmith 7.10.94, IC 7.17.74, Colby 7.26.97

W3V8 final: WPI 7.19.4, IC 7.38.74, Colby 7.49.9, Trinity 8.25.98

W4V8 final: IC Novice 7.27.7, WPI 7.45.99

This weekend Ithaca celebrates 50 years of Ithaca Crew, and description of the events starting Friday may be found on the 50th Anniversary link on the main blog page. Race schedule for Saturday morning is listed below, and visitors/spectators should check the Visiting Teams link above for parking/viewing directions, as Boathouse parking will strictly be limited to visiting team trailers.

April 28 Saturday regatta; Ithaca (IC), Hamilton (HC), Colgate (CU), Marist (MC)

9:30am                 Lane draw         9:45am                 Regatta meeting

11:00am               Wv8       CU          MC

11:08                     Wv8       IC            HC

11:16                     Mv8       CU          MC

11:24                     Mv8       IC            HC

11:32                     W2v8     CU          MC

11:40                     W2v8     IC            HC

11:48                     M8         IC nov   HC 2v

11:56                     Mn4       HC          IC

12:04                     Wn8       HC          IC

12:12                     Mv4       IC            CU

12:20                     Wv4       MC         CU

12:40                     Wv8       grand final

12:48                     Wv8       petite final

12:56                     Mv8       grand final

1:04                        Mv8       petite final

1:12                        W2v8     grand final

1:20                        W2v8     petite final

1:28                        W3v8     IC            MC

1:36                        Wn4       IC            HC

Weekend activities will include Senior Recognition, Saturday evening 50th Celebration, Sunday Alumni Row, and christening of a new men’s eight.

We are happy to report that Erik Frid ’14 placed 2nd overall out of 40 competing in the Spring National Team Speed Order competition for men’s singles on Mercer Lake, New Jersey. Over the 3 days of racing, he qualified from the time trial for 40 entries, then placed 2nd in his heat to advance, then 3rd in the semifinal that same day, to make the grand final. Second place in the grand final is a big step toward this year’s national team and World Championships – congrats to Erik!

Coming next week, results from Saturday and preview of Liberty League and States Championship Regattas.



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