Senior Day vs. Smith, Skidmore and St. Lawrence

The Bombers swept across all races this weekend against Smith, Skidmore and St. Lawrence, with many ending with open water! After races concluded, the team gathered to recognize the seniors with a presentation of flowers from the junior class and then took the traditional plunge into the frigid waters of the Cayuga inlet.



Women’s 1V8+:
(First Race) Smith/McDevitt/D’Onofrio/Feitner/Burns/Busam/Brija/Vosburg/Veninsky
(Second Race) Frank/McDevitt/D’Onofrio/Feitner/Burns/Busam/Brija/Vosburg/Veninsky
Women’s 2V8+: Williamson/Petersen/Mix/DiCostanzo/Shelley/Ryan/Malone/Demiris/Bess
Women’s 3V8+: Broughton/Berry/Lawson/O’Hara/Sarachan/Keat/Lipari/Dowd/Westfield
Women’s 1N8+: Drew/Csernica/Outlaw/Salon/Sullivan/Ritting/Southworth/Caldicott/Johanson
Women’s N4+: Stacey/Bouton/Diezemann/Contreras/Trombley
Women’s Lwt4+: Schaffstall/Campagna/Dowd/Goldfarb-Cartwright/Brian
Men’s 1V8+: Zerivitz/Martin/Brown/Cadoux/Tagg/Stamer/Flamm/Nasta/Tucker
Men’s V4+ A: Zerivitz/Martin/Flamm/Stamer/Brown
Men’s V4+ B: Eckstein/Cadoux/Tagg/Nasta/Tucker
Men’s 2V8+: Meier/Lampman/Shyne/Van Buren/Posca/Hoerig/Jung/Decker/McCabe
Men’s 1N8+: Wikiera/Lampman/Shyne/Philip/Murtagh/Hoerig/Jung/Daniel/McCabe


Men:Screenshot 2017-04-16 20.57.22Screenshot 2017-04-16 20.57.28Women:

Screenshot 2017-04-16 20.57.33Screenshot 2017-04-16 20.57.38Screenshot 2017-04-16 20.57.43


SATURDAY, APRIL 15, vs Skidmore, Smith, and St.Lawrence.

Schedule:        April 15, 2017  race

Regatta meeting 10:00 am

Lanes will be drawn prior to the regatta meeting.

11:10       Wv8                       IC            Skid

11:15       Wv8                       Smith      StL         

11:30       M2v8                      IC            StL          Skid

11:35       W2v8                     IC            StL          Smith

12:00       Mv8                        IC            StL

12:05       W3v8                     IC            StL          Smith

12:30       Mfn8                      IC            StL a       StL b

12:35       Wfn8                      IC            Smith      Skid

1:00         M 4                         IC a         Skid        IC b

1:05         Wfn4                      IC            StL          IC lwt exh.

1:30pm    Wv8                       2nd place finishers

1:35pm    Wv8                       1st place finishers

IC Crews Unite for HER!!

On April 8th and 9th, Ithaca Crews capitalized on an informal alumni weekend to promote Ithaca College Unites for HER.  Both home and visiting crews could be seen charging down the inlet in pink in order to draw attention to the pink shirts and raffle baskets available at the club’s fundraising table.  


IC Unites for HER is a campus organization dedicated to raising money to provide integrative complementary therapies to women and men in the Ithaca College community who are affected by breast cancer.  Club organizer, Nickie Griesemer, explains that while most breast cancer organizations raise money for research, Unite for HER focuses on individuals in the local community, providing money for services such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, or nutrition counseling, that may not be covered by insurance.

Our crews are proud to join the other campus teams that have dedicated competitions to such a worthy cause.  You can learn more about the Ithaca College chapter of Unite for HER and future opportunities to donate by following the links below.


Directions:  West from N.Y.S. Thruway take exit 41, turn right then turn left at the light.  Follow this until the intersection for Rt. 20.  Left on Rt. 20 then immediate right onto Rt. 89 South.  Follow 89 into Ithaca.  Cross inlet then turn left at light.  At second light turn left onto Rt. 13 North.  Follow 13; spectators and buses turn left on Cascadilla St. (at Purity Ice Cream shop);  Trailers continue to Third street extension (Aldi’s Market on the corner)  and turn left.  Cross railroad tracks, immediate left, and follow the road to the end

SATURDAY, APRIL8, 2017 vs University of Rochester & RIT.

Regatta Meeting – 9:30 am.

11:00 am              Mfn8                      IC           RIT

11:05                     Wfn8      IC 3v      IC fn      RIT

11:30                     Mv8       UR          IC           RIT

11:35                     Wv8       UR          IC           RIT

12:00 noon           M2v8     UR          IC           RIT

12:05                     W2v8     UR          IC           RIT

12:30                     Wfn4      UR          IC fn      IC lwt

12:55pm                               Mfn4      UR          IC


SATURDAY, APRIL9, 2017 vs Geneseo and St. John Fisher.
Regatta Meeting – 9:30 am.

11:00 am              Wv8       Gen         IC           SJF

11:05                     Mv8       Gen         IC           SJF

11:45                     Mn8       Gen         IC           IC exh.

11:50                     W2v8     Gen         IC          

12:15                     M2v4     Gen         IC           SJF

12:40pm               Wn8       Gen         IC a        IC b

12:45pm              Wv4       Gen         IC lwt     SJF

Cayuga Duals Results


April 1st Ithaca, NY


Women’s 1V8+: Frank/McDevitt/D’Onofrio/Feitner/Burns/Busam/Brija/Vosburg/Veninsky
Women’s 2V8+: Williamson/Petersen/Mix/DiCostanzo/Shelley/Ryan/Malone/Demiris/Bess
Women’s 3V8+:
(First Race) Broughton/Berry/Lawson/O’Hara/Outlaw/Keat/Lipari/Trombley/Westfield
(Second Race) Smith/Berry/Campagna/Dowd/Goldfarb-Cartwright/Keat/Lipari/Brian/Westfield
Women’s 1N8+:
(First Race) Stacey/Csernica/Salon/Caldicott/Sullivan/Ritting/Southworth/Robbins/Johanson
(Second Race) Stacey/Csernica/Salon/Caldicott/Sullivan/Contreras/Horan/Bouton/Diezemann
Women’s Lwt4+: Schaffstall/Campagna/Dowd/Goldfarb-Cartwright/Brian
Men’s 1V8+: Zerivitz/Martin/Brown/Cadoux/Tagg/Stamer/Flamm/Nasta/Tucker
Men’s V4+: Eckstein/Van Buren/Posca/Daniel/Sheiman
Men’s 1N8+:
(First Race) Meier/Philip/Shyne/Lampman/Jung/Hoerig/Murtagh/Decker/McCabe
(Second Race) Wikiera/Philip/Shyne/Lampman/Jung/Hoerig/Murtagh/Decker/McCabe



Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.27.03Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.27.14Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.26.53Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.31.14


Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.27.23Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.25.55