Ithaca Women’s Varsity 2nd at NCAA’s

Greetings Ithaca Crew, Alumni, Parents and Friends!

The Ithaca Women’s Crew returned from the NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships in Florida with 2nd place Division III trophies for the Varsity, and 4th place trophies for the combined 1V/2V team ranking among the eight teams invited nationwide for Division III.

Racing began Friday morning, May 25, with the 2nd seeded Ithaca Varsity winning their qualifying heat comfortably over Wellesley, Williams and Pacific Lutheran, putting them directly into Saturday’s championship final. The 2V found the going tougher against Williams, Wesleyan and Pacific Lutheran, and would need to race again Friday afternoon in the 2V repechage (2nd chance) race. Ithaca was a close 3rd in that race, putting them in Saturday’s petite 2V final.

Threatening weather for Saturday re-arranged the racing schedule, but all the Division III events were able to be raced. The 2V won their final race of the year, solidly taking the petite final over Washington College and placing 7th overall. In the varsity grand final, Ithaca was barely a length behind winner Bates, earning that 2nd place trophy, and locking in the 4th place Division III team trophy for Ithaca Women’s Crew.


2V heat: Williams 7.06.5, Wesleyan 7.15.1, Pacific Lutheran 7.19.2, Ithaca 7.25.9

1V heat: Ithaca 6.50.2, Wellesley 6.52.9, Williams 6.55.4, Pacific Lutheran 7.01.2

2V petite final: Ithaca 7.26.7, Washington College 7.35.1

1V grand final: Bates 6.40.7, Ithaca 6.44.9, WPI 6.46.0, Wellesley 6.49.9, Wesleyan 6.56.7, Pacific Lutheran 7.01.6

Team Points: Bates 56, Wellesley 45, WPI 42, Ithaca 41, Wesleyan 38, Williams 34, Pacific Lutheran 31, Washington College 21

Ithaca Women’s Crew member Pearl Outlaw journeyed to Gavirate, Italy, earlier in May, joining 100 Para-athletes from 17 different countries competing in the 2018 Gavirate International Para-Rowing Regatta. Pearl rowed bow-seat in the USA four-with. They had four 2000-meter races in 3 days in a 7-boat field. France was the experienced competition, winning all the races, but the US steadily improved to come in 2nd in the most difficult choppy conditions during the third race. Cheers to Pearl!

Ithaca’s Erik Frid ’14 and his partner from Penn AC competed successfully at the 2nd National Selection Regatta on Lake Mercer, winning the Men’s Double Final convincingly on Saturday, May 19. Along the way, they won the event’s time trial of 14 entries two days earlier, as well as their semi-final race also on Thursday. Next steps for Erik may include a trip to a World Cup event in Europe, as part of selection process to this year’s US national team formulation for the World Rowing Championships later this year in Bulgaria.

Reminder that the Summer Rowing Season in Ithaca includes Boathouse BBQs every Thursday evening. All friends of Ithaca Crew are welcome, the grill gets fired up around 6:30 and the Boathouse opens around 5 for visits or a possible trip on the water. Questions? Check in with the coaches, email at

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New Schedule 

Racing at 8:42 1V final and 8:58 for the 2V petite. The order of races has been changed. The updated heat sheets will be found on the NCAA Regatta Timing App and online

Follow the NCAA racing

The heat sheet and regatta schedule are posted on the NCAA regatta timing APP and on  

Ithaca Women’s Crew at NCAAs

Greetings Ithaca Crew Alumni, Parents and Friends!

As this is posted, the top two women’s eights from Ithaca’s Women’s Crew are in Sarasota, Florida, for the NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships. Racing begins Friday morning, as the Division III events begin the day, with Ithaca’s 2V heat scheduled for 8:24am, and Ithaca’s 2nd ranked Varsity at 8:48. Non-initial qualifiers for the grand finals will race again Friday afternoon, in repechage (2nd chance) races at 3:48 pm (2V) and      4 pm (1V).

Finals, petite and grand, will be Saturday morning, beginning at 11am.

But first, a look back at the NIRC League Championships. The IC Crews finished a challenging week in Worcester on May 11, having endured final exams, a long bus ride on Thursday, and a day full of heats and finals on Friday. The IC Women had 3 eights in grand finals, the Varsity winning their heat, the 3V placing 3rd in their heat, and the Novice 8 having a final only. The 2V’s 3rd place in their heat put them in the petite final, where they would finish 4th. The Ithaca Women would earn two medals in the finals, the Varsity solidifying a #2 national ranking taking a silver behind #1 Bates, and the Novice 8 earning a silver, also behind Bates. The 3V were 5th in their Grand Final, and the 2V 4th in their Petite Final. Ithaca placed 2nd to Bates in the Women’s Point Trophy, which included 22 colleges.

The IC Men entered Varsity and Novice Eights and a Varsity Four. The V Four narrowly missed advancing to the medals final by .1 seconds in their heat, but roared back in the petite final to win by 9 seconds. The Varsity’s 4th place heat finish put them into the petites, and that final featured the closest 6-lane finish of the day. Ithaca in 6th was just 4.7 seconds off the winning time. Ithaca’s Novice 8 earned the men’s only medal, taking silver, just .9 seconds off the winner.

NIRC results

WV8 heat: IC 6.31.1, Tufts 6.33.5, Wellesley 6.35.8, RIT 6.46.3, Trinity 6.55.4, Rochester 7.05.1, Clark 7.35.8

WV8 G Final: Bates 6.24.1, IC 6.27.1, WPI 6.28.1, Wesleyan 6.30.8, Tufts 6.35.0, Williams 6.35.1

W2V8 heat: Wellesley 6.50.7, Tufts 6.55.8, IC 7.02.6, Smith 7.07.0, Simmons 7.20.4, St.Lawrence 7.27.0

W2V8 P Final: WPI 6.51.5, RIT 6.55.9, WmSmith 7.02.9, IC 7.08.1, Smith 7.14.5, Trinity 7.29.6

W3V8 heat: Wellesley 7.01.9, Wesleyan 7.05.1, IC 7.12.9, Williams B 7.27.5, Tufts 7.31.0

W3V8 G Final: Bates 6.58.9, Williams A 7.01.9, Wesleyan 7.03.8, WPI 7.06.7, IC 7.16.3, Wellesley 7.22.5

WNov8 G Final: Bates 7.03.2, IC 7.06.1, Tufts 7.06.6, Wellesley 7.13.6, URI 7.32.6, St. Lawrence 7..35.3

MV8 heat: Bates 5.51.6, Williams 5.53.61, Tufts 5.53.63, IC 6.01.8, Rochester 6.24.0

MV8 P Final: Tufts 5.58.1, Trinity 6.00.5, Hamilton 6.00.9, RIT 6.01.0, Wesleyan 6.01.9, IC 6.02.8

MN8 G Final: Tufts 6.23.4, IC 6.24.3, RIT 6.28.4, URI 6.34.5, Rochester 6.57.1

MV4 heat: Bates 6.55.5, Hamilton 7.01.8, UNH A 7.04.1, IC 7.04.2, Williams 7.25.6

MV4 P Final: IC 7.12.7, UNH B 7.21.8, Williams 7.22.3, Boston Coll B 7.24.6

Men’s Point Trophy – Ithaca 12th to Hobart (17 colleges)

Overall Point Trophy – Ithaca 6th to Bates (25 colleges)

Many thanks to the DiCostanzo and Demiris families, organizers of the Big Blue Family Tent, and generous contributions from the Knox, Ryan, Maturo, Snow and Burns families, who kept the crews well-fed all day Friday, and on the long bus ride home that night.

This Friday’s NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships heat schedule:

Div 3 2V heat 2          8:24     Williams, Wesleyan, Pacific Lutheran, Ithaca

Div 3 1V heat 2          8:48     Ithaca, Pacific Lutheran, Williams, Wesleyan

Live-stream viewing available at the NCAA website:

Next week – NCAA results and summer notes.

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Successful Liberty League and NY States Regattas. Next up – NIRCs

The Ithaca Crews were quite busy last weekend at Saratoga Springs, with Liberty League Championships on Friday, then the New York State Championships on Saturday. With NCAA bids at stake for the Women’s Crews, they pulled through solidly, winning the Varsity event and placing second in the 2nd Varsity race. The Men’s Varsity placed a strong second to Hobart. Conditions were challenging, strong headwinds keeping the races long.

Liberty League Championships results

WV8:     IC 7.40.4, WmSmith 7.52.6, RIT 8.03.4, St.L 8.13.9, U Roch 8.25.1, Union 8.46.1, Skidmore 9.01.4

W2V8:   RIT 8.12.7, IC 8.17.6, WmSmith 8.33.6, St.L 8.48.7, Union 9.47.3

MV8:     Hobart 6.49.2, IC 6.53.1, Union 6.56.9, RIT 6.57.8, U Roch 7.24.2, Skidmore 7.29.2, St. L 7.31.0

Saturday’s States races saw all but one Ithaca entry earning a grand final’s slot. The Varsity women confirmed their ranking with open water wins in their heat and Grand Final. The Women’s 2V earned bronze in the 2V grand final, with the 3V winning the petite final for that event. The Novice Women won their heat, and took silver behind Army in their final. The Women’s Varsity Four also took a silver in their grand final.

The Men’s crews were all grand finalists, the Varsity 2nd in their heat, but having an off-race finishing 4th in their final. The Novice eight gained on St. Lawrence every time they raced, taking 2nd to them in their heat, and cutting the margin to less than a length while taking silver in the grand final. Both men’s fours, essentially lightweights, rowed strong heats to make their grand finals, the Varsity Four 3rd in their heat, and 6th in a grand final with some of the strongest headwinds of the day. Lastly, the Novice Four earned a well fought win in their heat, but struggled with the headwinds to place 5th in their grand final.

NYS Championships

WV8 heat:           IC 7.28.1, WmSmith 7.36.7, Union 8.18.6, Geneseo 8.42.1, St. L NTT, Renns NTT

WV8 Gr Final:    IC 7.13.8, Hamilton 724.3, WmSmith 7.25.5, RIT 7.28.1, Army 7.58.4, Union 8.15.9

W2V8 heat 1:     RIT 7.51.7, WmSmith 8.00.3, St. L 8.26.6, IC3V 8.20.1

W2V8 heat 2:     Hamilton 7.50.7, IC 8.09.3, Vassar 8.41.6, Union 9.08.0

W2V8 p final:     IC3V 8.44.1, Union 9.37.5

W2V8 Gr Final:  Hamilton 7.52.2, RIT 7.59.0, IC 8.02.7, WmSmith 8.11.1, St.L 8.35.5, Vassar8.56.9

WN8 heat:          IC 7.50.2, Army 8.00.1, Binghamton 8.42.6, Buffalo 8.50.6, Nazareth 8.59.8

WN8 Gr Final:    Army 8.18.6, IC 8.28.6, RIT 8.54.5, St. L 8.55.1, Albany 9.32.0, Binghamton 10.08.2

WV4 Gr Final:    Hamilton 8.57.1, IC 8.58.0, Clarkson 9.15.1, Oswego 9.40.8, Renns 9.53.2


MV8 heat:           Army 6.23.3, IC 6.51.7, St.L 7.04.0, Renns 7.37.7

MV8 Gr Final:     Army 6.36.6, Hamilton 6.39.8, RIT 6.41.9, IC 6.45.5, St. L 7.17.3, Skidmore 7.33.3

MF/N 8 heat:     St.L 6.48.9, IC 7.15.0, Renns 7.17.1, Albany 8.03.8, Manhattan 8.44.7

MF/N 8 Gr Fin:   St.L 7.11.3, IC 7.15.0, Army 7.24.6, RIT 7.28.5, MerMarine 7.46.1, Renns 7.55.7

MV4 heat:           Army 7.21.6, U Roch 7.32.4, IC 7.39.6, Manhattan 8.06.5, St.JFisher 8.07.1

MV4 Gr Fin:        Army 7.32.0, Bing 7.40.0, Buff 7.47.5, Clarkson 7.49.9, U Roch 7.56.8, IC 8.02.8

MN4 heat:           IC 8.14.0, Army B 8.24.2, Army A 8.32.4, Vassar 8.36.9

MN4 Gr Fin:        Geneseo 8.10.1, U Roch 8.12.1, Hamilton 8.16.6, Canisius 8.31.4, IC 8.45.2, ArmyB 9.17.5

On both days the Big Blue Family Tents were busy and exceedingly well stocked with refreshment for the crews. Many thanks to the DiCostanzo family for organizing the parents group, with generous assistance from the Demiris, Maturo, Southworth, Philip, and Doran families.

The crews now battle through the end of exam week and head back to Worcester, MA, on Thursday for a Friday full of heats and finals at the NIRC League Championships on Lake Quinsigamond. Travel and hotel logistics (Days Inn Shrewsbury) will be essentially the same as for the April 21 race, but the regatta will be headquartered at Regatta Point Park, just north of the finish line on the Worcester (west) side of the lake. Traveling east on Rt. 9, spectators should turn left at the last light before the bridge over the lake (Lake Avenue), and the park will be immediately on the right, with directions for parking on the left. The crews and trailers will be in the Park parking lot, with tents along the shore. Parents and friends who would like to assist with the Big Blue Family Tent can coordinate at this link:

Friday race schedule ( as of 5/9)      report 90 minutes prior to race time, launch 45 min. prior.     7:00 am                 regatta meeting for coxswains and coaches.

8:24 am                 M4          heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

8:48 am                 W3v8     heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

9:24 am                 W2v8     heats, 1-2 to final, 3-4 to petite, others to 3rd level final.

10:24 am              Wv8       same as W2v8.

11:00 am              Mv8       same as W2v8.

1:12 pm                 M4          finals

1:36 pm                 W3v8     finals

2:12                        Wn8       final

2:24                        Mn8       final

2:36                        W2v8     finals

3:56pm or 4:20    Wv8       finals

4:08 or 4:44pm    Mv8       finals

Following the racing the crews will load the trailer, leaving for Ithaca about 6:30 pm to get back to campus around midnight.

Saturday, the Crew will hold our annual Banquet, at the Hotel Ithaca, Cayuga and Clinton Streets, beginning at 11 am. Parents and friends are welcome, please contact the coaches at

Next week – NIRC results, looking ahead to NCAA championships at the end of May.

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