Successful Liberty League and NY States Regattas. Next up – NIRCs

The Ithaca Crews were quite busy last weekend at Saratoga Springs, with Liberty League Championships on Friday, then the New York State Championships on Saturday. With NCAA bids at stake for the Women’s Crews, they pulled through solidly, winning the Varsity event and placing second in the 2nd Varsity race. The Men’s Varsity placed a strong second to Hobart. Conditions were challenging, strong headwinds keeping the races long.

Liberty League Championships results

WV8:     IC 7.40.4, WmSmith 7.52.6, RIT 8.03.4, St.L 8.13.9, U Roch 8.25.1, Union 8.46.1, Skidmore 9.01.4

W2V8:   RIT 8.12.7, IC 8.17.6, WmSmith 8.33.6, St.L 8.48.7, Union 9.47.3

MV8:     Hobart 6.49.2, IC 6.53.1, Union 6.56.9, RIT 6.57.8, U Roch 7.24.2, Skidmore 7.29.2, St. L 7.31.0

Saturday’s States races saw all but one Ithaca entry earning a grand final’s slot. The Varsity women confirmed their ranking with open water wins in their heat and Grand Final. The Women’s 2V earned bronze in the 2V grand final, with the 3V winning the petite final for that event. The Novice Women won their heat, and took silver behind Army in their final. The Women’s Varsity Four also took a silver in their grand final.

The Men’s crews were all grand finalists, the Varsity 2nd in their heat, but having an off-race finishing 4th in their final. The Novice eight gained on St. Lawrence every time they raced, taking 2nd to them in their heat, and cutting the margin to less than a length while taking silver in the grand final. Both men’s fours, essentially lightweights, rowed strong heats to make their grand finals, the Varsity Four 3rd in their heat, and 6th in a grand final with some of the strongest headwinds of the day. Lastly, the Novice Four earned a well fought win in their heat, but struggled with the headwinds to place 5th in their grand final.

NYS Championships

WV8 heat:           IC 7.28.1, WmSmith 7.36.7, Union 8.18.6, Geneseo 8.42.1, St. L NTT, Renns NTT

WV8 Gr Final:    IC 7.13.8, Hamilton 724.3, WmSmith 7.25.5, RIT 7.28.1, Army 7.58.4, Union 8.15.9

W2V8 heat 1:     RIT 7.51.7, WmSmith 8.00.3, St. L 8.26.6, IC3V 8.20.1

W2V8 heat 2:     Hamilton 7.50.7, IC 8.09.3, Vassar 8.41.6, Union 9.08.0

W2V8 p final:     IC3V 8.44.1, Union 9.37.5

W2V8 Gr Final:  Hamilton 7.52.2, RIT 7.59.0, IC 8.02.7, WmSmith 8.11.1, St.L 8.35.5, Vassar8.56.9

WN8 heat:          IC 7.50.2, Army 8.00.1, Binghamton 8.42.6, Buffalo 8.50.6, Nazareth 8.59.8

WN8 Gr Final:    Army 8.18.6, IC 8.28.6, RIT 8.54.5, St. L 8.55.1, Albany 9.32.0, Binghamton 10.08.2

WV4 Gr Final:    Hamilton 8.57.1, IC 8.58.0, Clarkson 9.15.1, Oswego 9.40.8, Renns 9.53.2


MV8 heat:           Army 6.23.3, IC 6.51.7, St.L 7.04.0, Renns 7.37.7

MV8 Gr Final:     Army 6.36.6, Hamilton 6.39.8, RIT 6.41.9, IC 6.45.5, St. L 7.17.3, Skidmore 7.33.3

MF/N 8 heat:     St.L 6.48.9, IC 7.15.0, Renns 7.17.1, Albany 8.03.8, Manhattan 8.44.7

MF/N 8 Gr Fin:   St.L 7.11.3, IC 7.15.0, Army 7.24.6, RIT 7.28.5, MerMarine 7.46.1, Renns 7.55.7

MV4 heat:           Army 7.21.6, U Roch 7.32.4, IC 7.39.6, Manhattan 8.06.5, St.JFisher 8.07.1

MV4 Gr Fin:        Army 7.32.0, Bing 7.40.0, Buff 7.47.5, Clarkson 7.49.9, U Roch 7.56.8, IC 8.02.8

MN4 heat:           IC 8.14.0, Army B 8.24.2, Army A 8.32.4, Vassar 8.36.9

MN4 Gr Fin:        Geneseo 8.10.1, U Roch 8.12.1, Hamilton 8.16.6, Canisius 8.31.4, IC 8.45.2, ArmyB 9.17.5

On both days the Big Blue Family Tents were busy and exceedingly well stocked with refreshment for the crews. Many thanks to the DiCostanzo family for organizing the parents group, with generous assistance from the Demiris, Maturo, Southworth, Philip, and Doran families.

The crews now battle through the end of exam week and head back to Worcester, MA, on Thursday for a Friday full of heats and finals at the NIRC League Championships on Lake Quinsigamond. Travel and hotel logistics (Days Inn Shrewsbury) will be essentially the same as for the April 21 race, but the regatta will be headquartered at Regatta Point Park, just north of the finish line on the Worcester (west) side of the lake. Traveling east on Rt. 9, spectators should turn left at the last light before the bridge over the lake (Lake Avenue), and the park will be immediately on the right, with directions for parking on the left. The crews and trailers will be in the Park parking lot, with tents along the shore. Parents and friends who would like to assist with the Big Blue Family Tent can coordinate at this link:

Friday race schedule ( as of 5/9)      report 90 minutes prior to race time, launch 45 min. prior.     7:00 am                 regatta meeting for coxswains and coaches.

8:24 am                 M4          heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

8:48 am                 W3v8     heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

9:24 am                 W2v8     heats, 1-2 to final, 3-4 to petite, others to 3rd level final.

10:24 am              Wv8       same as W2v8.

11:00 am              Mv8       same as W2v8.

1:12 pm                 M4          finals

1:36 pm                 W3v8     finals

2:12                        Wn8       final

2:24                        Mn8       final

2:36                        W2v8     finals

3:56pm or 4:20    Wv8       finals

4:08 or 4:44pm    Mv8       finals

Following the racing the crews will load the trailer, leaving for Ithaca about 6:30 pm to get back to campus around midnight.

Saturday, the Crew will hold our annual Banquet, at the Hotel Ithaca, Cayuga and Clinton Streets, beginning at 11 am. Parents and friends are welcome, please contact the coaches at

Next week – NIRC results, looking ahead to NCAA championships at the end of May.

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Ithaca Crews head into Championship Season!

Greetings Ithaca Crew Alumni, Parents and Friends!

Ithaca Crew now heads into the championship season, with Liberty League and New York States Championships this Friday and Saturday, and NICR league championships next weekend.

But first – recap of the home racing last Saturday, and 50th Anniversary activities last weekend. Ithaca hosted Colgate, Hamilton and Marist in double dual format Saturday morning. Most notably, the Ithaca Women’s Varsity vaulted into #3 ranking in the national Division III poll, with solid wins over Hamilton and Marist. The Ithaca Men’s varsity lost narrowly to Hamilton in the fast morning tailwind racing. Later in the day, the wind began to swirl, with periodic rough water approaching the finish line. Complete results:

WV8 heat              Ithaca 6.38.5, Hamilton 6.48.8

WV8 final               Ithaca 6.33.4, Marist 6.37.5

W2V8 heat            Ithaca 7.04.4, Hamilton 7.04.5

W2V8 final            Marist 7.03.1, Ithaca 7.06.5

W3V8                     Marist 7.14.0, Ithaca 7.16.6

WNov8                   Ithaca 7.33.0, Hamilton 7.58.5

WNov4                   Hamilton 8.14.9, Ithaca 8.22.0

MV8 heat               Hamilton 6.02.96, Ithaca 6.04.92

MV8 p final            Colgate 5.47.9, Ithaca 6.07.9

M2V8/Nov8          Hamilton 2V 6.22.97, Ithaca Nov 6.32.76

MV4                        Colgate 7.08.34, Ithaca 7.20.73

MNov4                   Hamilton 7.21.44, Ithaca 7.28.44

Following the races, the Ithaca Crews recognized their Seniors and cheered the traditional Senior Leap into the inlet. Later that evening, some 300 Alumni and Friends gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Crew at Ithaca College, with members of the original crew and Founding Coach Gary Kilpatrick. See more reporting in separate posts. The weekend concluded Sunday morning as 7 alumni eights took to the water in brisk conditions, following christening of the newest men’s eight, the Gary Kilpatrick.

This Friday, the Ithaca Crews head for Saratoga Springs for the Liberty League Championships on Friday afternoon, and NYState Collegiate Championships on Saturday. There will be finals only, with Ithaca entering Women’s Varsity 8 and 2V8, and Men’s Varsity 8. These crews will leave from Ithaca 9am, going directly to the Saratoga Race Course. The itinerary takes the bus to Rt. 88, then to I-90 to exit 24 at Albany, then I-87 north to exit 14. Left at this exit onto NY 9P east toward Saratoga Lake. Continue to the bridge over the lake inlet, and turn left into the park immediately after the bridge. Look for the Ithaca trailer in the large parking area, and the Big Blue Family tent near the course finish line, and follow directions for spectator parking. Friday’s Liberty Schedule is as follows, crews launching 45 minutes prior to race time.

Women’s 2V8       4pm        St. Lawrence, Ithaca, WilliamSmith, RIT, Union

Womens V8          5pm        Skidmore, Union, WilliamSmith, Ithaca, RIT, St. Lawrence, Rochester

Men’s V8               5:10        Skidmore, Rochester, Ithaca, Hobart, RIT, Union, St.Lawrence

Following the races, these crews will head to the hotel, Comfort Inn & Suites, 99 Miller Road, Castleton, NY (518-479-3217). From Saratoga, the itineray returns to I-87, south back to I-90 East, and the hotel is directly at exit 10 off I-90. There, they will be joined by the remaining Ithaca States Championship entries, who will leave Ithaca following classes Friday afternoon, and travel directly to the hotel.

On Saturday, all the crews will travel to the race course very early for rigging the remaining shells and Regatta Meeting for coaches and coxswains at 6:30am. Racing begins at 8am, crews launching 45 minutes prior to race time.

WV8 heat 1           8am        Rensselaer, Union, WilliamSmith, Ithaca, St. Lawrence, Geneseo

MV8 heat 1           8:16        Rennselaer, Ithaca, USMA, St. Lawrence

MV4 heat 1           8:48        StJohn Fisher, Ithaca, USMA, Rochester, Manhattan

WNov8 heat 1      9:04        Binghamton, USMA, Ithaca, Buffalo, StJohn Fisher

MNov8 heat 1       9:20        Albany, Ithaca, St.Lawrence, Renselaer, Manhattan

WNov4 Final         9:36        Oswego, Geneseo, Ithaca, Hamilton, Clarkson, Rensselaer

MNov4 heat 3       10:00     USMA B, Ithaca,  USMA A, Vassar

W2V8 heat 1         10:08     Ithaca B, Rochester, WilliamSmith, St.Lawrence

W2V8 heat 2         10:16     Union, Hamilton, Ithaca A, Vassar

WV8 finals             12:19pm, 12:27

MV8 finals             12:35, 12:43

MV4 finals             1:07, 1:15

WNov 8 finals       1:23, 1:31

MNov 8 finals        1:39, 1:47

W2V8 finals           1:55, 2:03

MNov4 finals         2:11, 2:19

Crews will plan to load the trailer and leave following the races, expected to be back on campus 8pm.

Next week, report on the weekend’s racing and preview of the NICR championships at the end of exam week, Friday, May 11 in Worcester, and Crew Banquet in Ithaca the following Saturday.

IC Crew Celebrates Dad Vail Champions!

Photo Caption
Gathering of the 1976 gold medalists and current rowers that medaled at the 2016 Dad Vails.: Top row: Coach Jerry Dietz,Jill Bartikowsky, Julia Rife VanHassent, Ellen Andrew, Margaret Cooney Kearns, Barb Brumet, Laurie Creelman Heflin, Mary Ann Sprague Erickson, Julie Volk Thorpe, Debbie Kimball.  Bottom row: Catlynn Frank, Karina Feitner, Libby Burns, Emily Campagna, Victoria Demiris, Colby D’Onofrio, Rachel Dowd, Monica Schaffstall, Meghan DiCostanzo.
The women of Ithaca Crew no longer row in hand-me-down, wooden shells, sized and rigged for the men’s team, but the memory of heavy, ill-fitting equipment is as fresh as ever for the members of the 1976 crew. Rowing is one of the oldest collegiate sports in the country, but it wasn’t until 1976 that women’s rowing events were included in the popular Dad Vail collegiate championship, or even the Olympic Games.  In that historic year, it was the newly established women’s crew from Ithaca College that stroked it’s way to Dad Vail gold.  
Last Thursday, the Dad Vail winners of 1976 gathered at the edge of the Cayuga Inlet to kick off a weekend of crew celebrations with a reunion dinner.  Also in attendance were recent medal winners: athletes from the 2016 squad who used the win from 40 years prior to inspire their season goal of repeating as Dad Vail Champions. Coach Becky Robinson arrived by coaching launch with the recent medalists, reading a statement of appreciation across the water.  She thanked the original crew for their role in establishing the tradition of excellence in IC Women’s Rowing, and then sent the 2016 rowers forward with commemorative medals for their counterparts.  The ’76 crew wasted no time in aiming questions about sides and seats rowed, heights and callouses at the ’16 crew, demonstrating perfectly the sense of connection and community that rowers share.   
In these days of carbon composite boats and Title IX compliance, it’s almost shocking to realize that the pioneers of women’s sport are not only still here, but still fit, current, vital women, established in their careers and joking with their kids about the possibility of grand-kids. They show up to dinner in their old racing jerseys with stories about world travel and current athletic pursuits. In 1976, they faced some resistance, but weren’t specifically trying to be pioneers.  They just wanted to improve and compete, to relish the the joy that squeezes into the cracks of hard work. They assigned each other nicknames.  They teased the Cornell coaches during practice for looking so serious. 
It wasn’t so different or so long ago. 
A debt of thanks is owed to those first crews and their coaches.  Thank you to Jill Bartikowsky, Julia Rife VanHassent, Ellen Andrew, Margaret Cooney Kearns, Barb Brumet, Laurie Creelman Heflin, Mary Ann Sprague Erickson, Julie Volk Thorpe, Debbie Kimball, and coaches Jerry Dietz and John Romain, for celebrating with us and for believing that the benefits of rowing should be shared.  Your resilience and success in the face of equipment sharing, surly professors, and the inevitable Ithaca weather is example to us all.  We couldn’t be more proud to be Bombers like you. 
Beth Greene ’00

Legacy Challenge for the IC Crew Endowment


To help us reach our 50th year campaign goal, a donor has thrown down the following challenge to the IC Crew Family! For every 2K raised between Tuesday May 1st and Saturday May 5th, that amount will be matched with an additional $1000 (up to $6,000). The challenge is on from now to May 5th, so make your gift count for even more and join in reaching the 50K goal for our 50th year! Together we can get this done! Click here to give.

Update: 50th Anniversary Activities

The Activities page for the 50th Anniversary has been updated.

There will be a documentary showing of 2000 Meters Out: about Emily Morley ’16 Olympic Quest.  Showing time is Saturday 5:30PM in the BH Mezzanine.  Come early and enjoy the show!

We are starting to organize alumni rows for Sunday!