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Here is the link to the PSP Ithaca Crew store. Please feel free to share.
We have added some color choices in our youth, toddler and infant clothing. We also have a long sleeve t-shirt commentating 50 years of rowing at Ithaca College. 
Select delivery to have your order sent directly to you. Only select pick-up if you live in Ithaca and want to stop by the boathouse  


Men’s Crew competes at Frostbite and Braxton

The Ithaca Men’s Crew completed their fall racing season last weekend at the Frostbite and Braxton Regattas on Mercer Lake in New Jersey. Both days of racing were complicated by cold morning weather, as the regatta was prevented from allowing shells on the water until air temperature rose above 35 degrees. Consequently, the larger Frostbite regatta was forced to delay and then cancel some events. Unfortunately, this included the men’s collegiate novice eights, so Ithaca’s entry in that event suddenly became spectators. The 1V and 2V both placed 4th in their races, against the fastest collegiate crews at the event, Temple, Drexel and Delaware.

Collegiate 1V: Temple 6.09.57, Drexel 6.13.04, Delaware 6.16.95, Ithaca 6.18.54, Lafayette 6.35.49, Maryland NTT

Collegiate 2V: Delaware 6.23.8, Drexel 6.24.68, Temple 6.44.75, Ithaca 7.04.42

Sunday’s Braxton faced a similar late start, but fewer entries allowed all competitors to race. Ithaca had a great day, winning three of their four events. Two fours entries placed first and third, IC then going on to win the varsity race and taking the top two spots in the novice eight event.

Men’s Four: Marietta B 7.19.69, Loyola A 7.28.51, Ithaca B 7.40.24, Stony Brook 8.26.20, Scranton B 9.13.30

Men’s Four: Ithaca A 7.02.02, Marietta A 7.03.48, Binghamton A 7.21.58, Maritime B 7.25.45, Stony Brook A 7.48.87

Collegiate 1V8: Ithaca 6.20.63, Marietta 6.24.00, Maritime 6.45.20, Loyola 6.46.31, Binghamton 7.10.06

Novice 8: Ithaca A 7.01.76, Ithaca B 7.34.09, Loyola 7.40.93, Maritime 8.06.60, Manhattan 8.40.67, Binghamton 9.23.73

Many thanks to the several contributors to the well-stocked Big Blue Ithaca Family tent, including the Bredthauer, Flamm, Griffiths, Nasta and Philip families (with apologies for any omissions). Ithaca Crew now transitions into land workouts for the remainder of this semester, Thanksgiving break coming up the end of this week, remaining class weeks and exams to follow to wind up this semester. Check back here early in the New Year for spring schedule announcements!




Frostbite & Braxton Itinerary


Race; Frostbite & Braxton Regattas                  11/11-12, 2017

Location;  Mercer County Park, Windsor, NJ

Participating schools:   Temple, Lafayette, Drexel, LeHigh, others.

Departure Time – location   34 athletes and 2 coaches. Meet the bus at 7:00 am on the east side, M lot, A & E Center.  Plan 4.5 hours driving time.  Report to race course by 12:00 noon.

Directions to Race Course;    Paxson Ave., Mercer County Park, West Windsor Township, NJ, 08550.  Leave Ithaca College on route 79 east to I-81, towards Scranton, to I-380 south to I-80 east.  Proceed on I-80 to exit 302A onto route 33 south.  Continue until I-76, go east, proceed to exit 17, onto NJ route 31 south towards Flemingto/Trenton.  Take I-95 north to exit 67, merge onto route 1 south towards Trenton.  Slight right toward Franklin Corner Road, then left onto Franklin Corner Road.  Continue on Baker’s Basin road, straight onto Youngs Road, turn right onto Hughes Drive, turn left onto Paxson Ave.  Follow regatta signs in park.

  • Directions from race course to hotel : Return the same way to route 1, cross route one, driveway is 2nd right into parking lot for hotel and diner:  Hotel is Howard Johnson Lawrenceville, 2995 Brunswick Pike, 609-896-1100.
  • Race Schedule. Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times.   Everyone should be at the trailer at least 90 minutes before race time.
  • Saturday (Frostbite – 2000m)

FN8 (Dietz)      2:50 pm.

2v8 (Feitner)   3:18 pm.

VM8 (OZ)         4:00 pm.

Sunday (Braxton – 2000m)                     V4     10:08 (Skip), 10:20 (DLago) am.

V8      1:17 (OZ)

Fn8      1:29 (Dietz, Feitner).

All race times are subject to change.       

Race notes:            All races will include 3-6 crews using a stake-boat start.  Winners in every race go to the awards dock to receive a medal; no runner-up medals, no heats or pre-lims, etc..

Other Information: Don’t forget your racing uniform. Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear. Changing facilities will be limited.    There will be some post-race snacks available at the race course as well as sandwiches after the Sunday races.   The hotel provides a simple continental breakfast for Sunday morning.

Saturday night dinner will be at the diner next to the motel….paid for by Coach

After racing:  After racing on Saturday we will secure equipment on the trailer for the evening and proceed to Saturday night accommodations and dinner.  After Sunday’s races we will load the trailer and depart for Ithaca as a group.  No one is excused until after all Ithaca crews have raced.  E.T.A. in Ithaca is 7:00 pm.  DRIVE SAFELY AND LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER.


BUS TIMELINE:  – Pick up team on the east side,  A & E Center at 6:45 am, Sat. 11/11.

     – Drive directly to the Mercer County Park race-course.

     – 5:15 pm, take group to hotel for overnight accommodations

A room has been reserved for the bus driver.

     – Sunday, 11/12.  8:15 am, leave for race course.

  • Load at about 2:30 pm for the ride home.

  • T.A. at Ithaca College is 7:00 pm.



Frostbite and Braxton Food Tent

This is the last race for the crew this fall.  Only the men will be traveling to this one.  There will be about 30 athletes on this trip.  The itinerary will be posted soon,

Here is the link to the google doc.  We are looking for 1-2 parents to be the tent organizers and others to bring food.  Save receipts we can reimburse.  Basically make sure that the bins get opened, tables get restocked.  The green bins contain food items and the blue bins contain paper goods ect.

Becky Robinson

Touchdown the Bear, the 5th annual Cornell Autumn Classic!

Ithaca Crews will be racing at home this weekend hosted by Cornell.

Below please find initial race day information for our Saturday November 4, 2017 regatta here on Cayuga Lake Inlet. Racing will be a 2 flight format, with the opportunity for every athlete to race twice over two distances- 3k & 300m sprint.   Combined times, 3k + 3 x 300m, will determine the winner and overall ranking.

Schedule :
8:30        COACHES/COX MEETING                            

 (Approximate Start Times will be confirmed based on entries)

First Flight
W2x/1x   9:45
M2-        9:50
W4+    9:55
W8+    10:00
M4+    10:05
M8+    10:10

Second Flight
W4+    11:10
M4+    11:20
W4x+ 11:25
W8+    11:30
M8+    11:40 

 Race Distances:

Each crew will race against the clock in the following:

1)      3000m race will begin 200m upstream of the traditional 2k Start Line (Brown house) and proceed in the normal racing traffic pattern to the Treman Marina entrance (flagpole or ‘FP’ on map) where timing team will be anchored on our pontoon boat. Crews are expected to warm up on the course (right hand rule) then turn and proceed into return lane. Upstream of the Start Line crews should queue up and divide the two lanes odd/even bow numbers. After racing, crews proceed to and turn at the White Lighthouse return buoy.

2)      300m Super Sprint On the return to the Cornell Rowing Center, a 300m Super Sprint is set up for ALL CREWS. Start line: Treman Marina Entrance (FP).  The Start line is same as 3k finish line. Crews should queued up ~150m before and race along the west bank of the 300m chute ‘head style.’  3000m time added to three times (x3) 300m will provide an overall time and determine winner and ranking.