Dad Vail


Race;Dad Vail Regatta5/12-14/2016
Location;Philadelphia, PA
Participating schools: Over 100!
Departure Time – location35 participants. Meet the bus at 12 noon at the A & E Center, north side loading dock. Eat lunch before getting on the bus….or brown-bag it! THE BUS WILL NOT STOP ON THE WAY. Plan 4+ hours driving time and at least 15 minutes to park and walk to trailer. Be at the trailer by 4:30pm. FOLLOW POLICE PARKING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY…PHILLY POLICE ARE NOT TO BE MESSED WITH!

• Directions to Race Course; Leave Ithaca on route 96B south (or route 79 east) to I-81 south. Exit I-81 at Clark’s summit, get on Penn Turnpike south. Follow turnpike (toll road) south to the end, through tolls, go straight on I-476 towards Philadelphia to I-76 east (Schuylkill Expressway). On I-76, exit left on Kelly Drive, follow this along river and follow parking instructions. Traffic on Kelly Drive will be diverted at the regatta site. Go through the traffic barrier as instructed by local officials. Look for the Ithaca shell trailer at the general launch site south of the finish line on Kelly Drive. Find regatta instructions and details at
• Thursday4:30 pm – Arrive at trailer, rig shells, and go for a row on the course. 7:00pm – After rowing, return to bus and drive to hotel.
• Hotel information – Knight’s Inn, 1104, NJ route 73, Mt. Laurel, NJ, 856-778-3500. Directions; To the hotel, continue on I76 to I-676 to Ben Franklin bridge, cross over to NJ on to route 30 east, onto route 38 east, Kaighn Ave. Continue about 4 miles to route 73 south, turn right on 73 just over one mile, hotel is on right, just after the NJ turnpike overpass.
• Race Schedule.Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times. Everyone should be at the trailer at least 90 minutes before race time.
Men’s varsity 8 on Friday- launch 6:30 am.Race 7:12 am.Pm launch 12:30, race at 1:15pm.
Women’s lightweight four- Saturday onlylaunch 2:15 pm.Race 3:00 pm.
Women’s DIII 8 (A & B) – Saturday onlylaunch 3:40pm.Race 4:25pm.
Men on Saturday – launch at 9:55am, race at 10:40am.
All race times are subject to change.

Race notes:2k stake-boat race. Very crowded with long carries to the dock and long waits at the dock.
Other Information:Don’t forget your racing uniform. Bring warm clothes, rain gear. Changing facilities will be limited, and space near the trailer will be tight. A little spending $ may be very handy.
Meals – athletes will receive $20 each (Thurs. dinner) and there will be tent food on race day and a b-b-Q at Ely’s home on Friday night.
Return to Ithaca:After racing on Saturday, we will load trailer and board bus as a group. DRIVE SAFELY AND LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER.

BUS TIMELINE:- Pick up team at A & E Center, north side loading dock, at 11:45 am, Thursday, 5/12.
NO STOPS ON THE WAY PLEASE. – except for emergency
– Drive directly to race-course., drop off competitors at race site by 4:30pm.
– Park bus as instructed.
– Load between 6:30-7:30 pm for the ride to the hotel.
– Friday – 5:30 am take athletes to race course. One shuttle trip TBD. 3:00pm – return to hotel. Available to drive to dinner.
– Saturday – 8:00am take athletes to race course. 5:00pm – return to Ithaca. ETA. – 9:00pm.

National Invitational Collegiate Regatta – NICR

Race;   5/7-8/2016

Location;    Worcester, MA – Lake Quinsigamond

Participating schools:  National Invitational Collegiate Regatta

Departure Time – location   Meet buses at the A & E Center, north side, on Saturday, May 7, at 8:15 am for an 8:30am departure.  Buses should stop once at Crossgates Mall food court for a light lunch (30 minutes).  From there buses will drive directly to race course so that athletes can rig shells and practice on the course.  ETA Worcester at 3:00pm.

Directions to Race Course;    Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany.  I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90, take exit 24 for lunch at Crossgates Mall.  Proceed past Albany, towards Boston, and onto the Mass. Pike which is still I-90.  Exit from Mass Pike at Worcester (exit 10) to I-290 east through the city.  Exit 15 for Shrewsbury Street, follow this to the end and it will merge right onto route 9 east.  Go about ½  mile to the last traffic light (Lake Ave.) before crossing the bridge over the lake.  Turn left here and Regatta Point Park is immediately on the right.

Directions to hotel;  To the Days Inn Shrewsbury, return to route 9 and head east (cross the bridge on the lake).  Proceed about 4 miles to route 20 east (you’ll pass the Days inn on the left) and use this intersection as a turn-around.  Return on route 9 west to the Days Inn, 889 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, 508-842-8500.

Time table:         

3– 6:00 pm     Rig shells and practice on the course.  Cox’ns must check-in with coach and Chief Referee before going on the water

6:00 pm  Drive to hotel and check-in.

6:30 or 7:15 pm   Dinner at Wegman’s.  Men at 6:30, women at 7pm.

9:00 pm                 Team meetings.

Sunday race schedule (subject to change)     report 90 minutes prior to race time, launch 45 min. prior.

7:00 am                 regatta meeting for coxswains and coaches.  Cox’ns weigh-in after this                                        meeting.

8:09 am                 W4          heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite

8:45 am                 W3v8     heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

9:12 am                 Wn8 (&2n) same as above

10:04 am              W2v8     heats, 1-2 to final, 3-4 to petite, others to 3rd level final.

10:31 am              M2v8     same as W2v8.

11:00 am              Wv8       same as W2v8.

11:40 am              Mv8       same as W2v8.

1:10 pm                 W4          final

1:50 pm                 W3v8     finals

2:30                        Wn8 (&2n)            finals

3:15                        W2v8     finals

3:45                        M2v8     finals

4:35-5:05              Wv8       finals

4:45-5:25              Mv8       finals

Race notes:    All races are 2000 meters with stake boat starts, buoyed course.  There are medals for the top 3 crews in each race.  Everyone races twice regardless of heat placing.

Plan for meals. Saturday lunch is a mall stop on the way.  Every athlete will receive $25.  Saturday dinner is at a Wegman’s.  The $25 is for lunch and dinner.  Hotel provides continental breakfast.  Sunday post-race food is from the tent.

Other Information:   Don’t forget your racing uniform AND BETTING SHIRTS.  Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear.  De-rig immediately after final racing and load trailer

Return to Ithaca:.               Buses will leave after racing on Sunday evening, about 6:30pm.  We will return directly to Ithaca College, E.T.A. Sunday is 12 midnight..


BUS TIME-LINE     for May 7-8

Saturday, May 7

8:15 am           Be at Ithaca College A & E Center, north side, for loading, depart 8:30am.

Bus 1; W2v8, wn8, w2n8, w4, Coaches Allison, Madison, & Beth (35).

                                  Bus 2; All men & wv8, w3v8,  Coaches Luke and Ward (38)

11:30               Stop for quick lunch (30 min.) at Crossgates Mall near Albany.

3:00 pm           Arrive at Regatta Point State park in Worcester, MA.

5:45 pm           Take athletes to hotel for check-in.

6:45 pm           Take athletes to near-by Wegman’s (route 20 east) for dinner.

7:45 pm           Return to hotel.

Sunday, May 8

6:30 am           Bus #1 to race course with W4, W3v8,Wn8, W2n8 and all coxswains.

7:45 am           Bus #2 to race course with W2v8, M2v8, Wv8, Mv8.

Buses should be accessible at the site during the day to allow athletes to get out of the sun and rest if necessary.

6:00 pm           Buses loading for trip home.

Senior Day and Crew Reunion

Saturday, April 23rd will be a busy day at the Tallman Rowing Center.  This is our last home race for 2016 and with it comes a celebration honoring our seniors and the traditional Senior JUMP into the frigid waters of Cayuga Inlet.  In addition and the hopes of starting a tradition we are being honored by the presence of some 80 crew alums.  Here is the latest schedule for the day.

9:00-9:30 AM: Christening of the Spirit (women’s 8)/ Skip Ransom(Men’s 4) / Tavelli (Women’s 4)

9:30-11:00 AM: good time to walk over and grab breakfast at Purity (pancakes) or Ithaca Bakery

11:30-3:00 PM: Racing – Lanes will be drawn at the Regatta meeting

11:30    Wv8       IC           HC
11:38     Wv8       CU          MC
11:46     Mv8       IC           HC
11:54     Mv8       CU          MC
12:02     W8*       MC 2v   IC 2v                      The four fastest W8 will match up in duals later
12:10      CU n8    IC 3v
12:18      HC n8    IC n8
12:26      MC 3v   IC 2n
12:34     W4*       CU          IC lwt                     The two winning 4’s will race a dual later.
12:42                     MC         IC 4v
12:50     M8*       MC 2v   IC 2v                      The two winning 8’s will race a dual later.
12:58                     MC 3v   HC 2v
1:06        M4          IC           CU          HC

1:40        Wv8       two winners
1:48        Wv8       two others
1:56        Mv8       two winners
2:04        Mv8       two others
2:12        W8          two fastest winners
2:20        W8          next two fastest times
2:28        W4          two winners
2:36        M8          two winners

3:00-3:30 PM     Senior Recognition – JUMP
3:30-5:30 PM    Alumni Gathering at Joes

Elmira News Story

Emily Morley will be the first IC undergraduate to qualify for Olympics: LINK to newscast

April 16th IC Crew Race at Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, MA

The schedule is posted at:


Location: Worcester, MA – Lake Quinsigamond
Participating schools:  Women & Men vs WPI, Trinity, UNH, Colby, William Smith.

Departure Time – location   On Friday, 4/18, meet the buses at A & E Center at 4:20 pm. Depart at 4:30pm.   Eat dinner first.  Plan your own snacks for the ride.  Buses will go directly to the hotel.  We will have snacks to eat at the hotel upon arrival.

Directions to Hotel;                Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany.  I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90 past Albany, towards Boston, and onto the Mass. Pike which is still I-90.  Exit from Mass Pike at Worcester (exit 10) to I-290 east through the city.  Exit 15, right onto Shrewsbury Street.  Proceed to the end and bear right onto route 9 east (Belmont Street).  Stay on route 9 about 4 miles and the Days Inn will be on the left.  Pass it, then turn U-turn at the next traffic light (Wal-Mart Plaza), and proceed back to the Days Inn.

Days Inn Shrewsbury, 889 Boston Turnpike, route 9.           508-842-8500

Directions from hotel to race course;  Return on route 9 west, just less than 4 miles and turn right on N. Quinsigamond Ave. BEFORE crossing the lake.  Proceed north on N. Quinsigamond about 1 mile.  Race site (Donahue Boathouse) is on left, bus parking is on the right.

Time line: (Fri) 4:15 pm  Two buses load (men’s & women’s) at A & E Center (north side) for 4:30 pm departure.

9:45 pm.        Arrive and check in at hotel.  Coach Dan will be there with snacks.

(Sat) 6:45 am.  Continental breakfast available at the hotel.

7:15 am.        Women’s bus departs for race course….w/wv8, mv8, w2v8, m2v8, + all coxswains.

7:45 am.        Men’s bus departs for race course….w/w3v8, wn8, mn8, w4.

12:00 noon.  Buses available for loading, departing for Ithaca ASAP (12:30 pm?)
* If weather is bad, buses must be accessible through the morning.
Buses must be back on campus by 6:30 pm so that students can get to dinner.

Race Schedule
7:30 am                   regatta meeting.       Lanes 1-6
9:10                           Wv8        heat          IC            UNH       Trin
9:20                          Mv8        final         UNH       WPI         Trin         IC            Col          WC
9:30                          W2v8      final         Trin         IC            WPI         Col          UNH       WSm
9:40                          M2v8      final         Col          WC          IC            WPI         UNH       Trin
9:50                          W3v8      final         WPI         IC            Trin         Col
10:00                         Wn8        final         IC            WPI         UNH       Colby
10:50                        M3v-n8   final         WC          Trin         WPI 3v    IC            WPI n
11:00                         W4          final         WPI         Conn       IC
11:20                         Wv8        final

Race notes: All races are 2000 meters with a floating start on a buoyed course.  Wv8 and W2v8 will race twice.  Al other once.

Other Information: Bring a full water bottle and a change of clothes.  Don’t forget your uniform and betting shirts.  We all bet shirts for this race.  Other than the lite hotel breakfast, there are no team meals planned for Saturday.  The crew tent will have food.  Buses may stop for fast food lunch on the way home.  Buses should return to Ithaca in time for dinner on campus.

Return to Ithaca:. De-rig immediately after racing and load trailer.   No one is excused until all Ithaca crews are done racing.  Support your teammates.  We will return directly to Ithaca College

Buses will leave for Ithaca at about 1:00.   E.T.A. is 6:30 pm.    BE SAFE AND LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER.



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