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Just a reminder, if you are planning to attend the Challenge on the Canal on Saturday in Geneva (Men’s and Women’s crew) or the Green Mountain Head, Putney VT on Sunday we could use some help at our food tent.

I have set up a google doc to coordinate food. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yKrg7XJZfYL496hzUuTyxsdNBLLgI_OHSglOrEwRKYs/edit?usp=sharing.   If you are planning to bring something, please fill in the google doc by noon tomorrow.  I will shop for everything else on Friday.  


Becky R

Green Mountain Head

Scullers (women)

Race:  10/2/2016   Green Mountain Scullers Head
Location:  Putney, VT
Participating schools:  Dozens of scullers in 1x and 2x.

 Departure Time – location  On Sunday, 10/2, meet the bus at A & E Center at 3:55am. Depart at 4:00am.

 Directions to Site; – From Ithaca take route 79 east, to route 206 east to I-88 east to I-90 (thruway) east onto Mass Pike, take exit 4 onto I-91 north. (Alternative is exit in Albany for I-787 towards Troy, exit onto route 7 east towards Bennington, then route 9 east to Brattleboro, to I-91.

Take I-91 to Vermont Exit 4, Putney. There will be signs directing you from the exit, but just in case you miss them:

Northbound: Stay right at the exit. Descend towards the river, cross a set of railroad tracks, and bear right. The river will be on your left, a Putney paper mill on your right. Proceed to the far end of the cornfield for parking and registration.

Southbound: Stay right at the exit. After 1/5 mile, take a right. The Putney Co-op will be on your left. Descend past the Putney Inn and the northbound exit, and follow the directions above.


Time line;                 **Bus Driver**     Sunday 10/2/16

3:55 am – Meet at the Ithaca College A & E Center, north side loading dock.
(Follow the signs to the Lower Quads/ Garden Apts.)

4:00 am – Drive directly to Putney, VT race site – arrive 9am.

2:00 pm – load the bus for the trip home….no local transportation required.

ETA Ithaca, 8:00pm.


Race Schedule;

1:15am – women’s 1x, be prepared to launch by 10:30.

12:15 pm – women’s 2x, be prepared to launch by 11:30.

Race notes:    All races are 3 mile stake race ….1.5 miles (2400m) out, around, and back               

Other Information:   Bring a full water bottle and a change of clothes. Don’t forget your uniform. Bagels will be provided for breakfast on the way to VT. We will get lunch near the course in Putney before the ride home.

Challenge on the Canal

SWEEP Men and Women

Race;   10/1/2016                Challenge on the Canal
Location;                            Geneva, Seneca Canal, HWS boathouse

Participating schools: Women & Men vs William smith, RIT, UR, others.

Departure Time – location On Saturday, 10/1, meet the bus at A & E Center at 6:50am. Depart at 7:00am.

Directions to Site;  Leave Ithaca on route 96 north, straight onto 96A towards Geneva. Near Geneva, turn right on route 20 east. Proceed 2000 ft., turn right onto East Ave. or follow parking instructions as instructed by regatta personnel. Boathouse is at the end of East Ave. Race is staged from there. All parking will be on route 20. Cars may drive down to the boathouse only to drop off supplies. There will be a shuttle to drive folks from parking to the boathouse (10 minute walk otherwise).

Time line;   to bus driver;          Saturday 10/1/16

6:45 am – Meet at the Ithaca College A & E Center, north side loading dock.
7:00 am – drive directly to HWS boathouse in Geneva (directions above).
1:00 pm – load the bus for the trip home….no local transportation required.
ETA Ithaca, 2:00pm.

Race Schedule;      8:00am – coxn’s tour the course, oarsmen rig shells.
(Saturday)                8:30 –      regatta meeting
9:30         M8 & WN8, launch at 8:45
11:00       M4 and WV8, launch at 10:15

Race notes:             All races are approx. 5000 meters head race       

Other Information:  Bring a full water bottle and a change of clothes. Don’t forget your uniform. Buses may stop for fast food lunch on the way home. There will be light food offered at the site after racing.

Rowing in Rio: Coach Greene’s wrap-up

What can I tell you tonight that you haven’t seen on TV or online? This place is surreal and so different, but there’s an element of the Olympics that – for all the size and dorms and beverage coolers and medals and tv coverage and dynasties and flags – feels shockingly like a normal regatta. The docks have this nice felt-y cover, but the mud, rain & wind delays feel familiar. There are showers and bag checks on site, but the restrooms are portable. Rowers warm up seriously, hiding taut nerves. Coaches take deep breaths & hope for good execution. Families are wrapped in flags and can watch a jumbo-tron, but the crowd shows the depth of it’s knowledge by shouting for moves in the first 300m of the race. I’m not sure whether I’m jealous of their wild enthusiasm or wish they knew better. An older man behind me who sounds like he’s read one article shares how accomplished Gevvie Stone is before declaring her “so modest” based on her body language when receiving a medal. (Now, I don’t know Gevvie any more than that dude, but I’m just gonna throw out my theory here that nobody can get that fast in a 1x and become a Dr. without some serious belief in her own capabilities. Humility & gratitude, maybe, but modesty? Ummm…)  
We saw one of the greatest battle/ photo finishes that I could ever imagine in the M1x and another US W8+ gold. We also saw people busting themselves over B, C, and D final rankings and rightly celebrating hard-earned wins at each of those levels. We wondered if the WL2x enjoyed their fans swimming out to them or whether they would’ve preferred that moment to be theirs alone. We admired the German fans for their unflagging enthusiasm regardless of their crews’ final level or position in the pack. We pulled our enhanced packing tape splashguard off of a very nice Empacher, derigged, & walked it out into a container. We congratulated medalists and F finalists and everyone in between. We ached for those disappointed in their races or their results.  

And then we went to go see monkeys.

Rowing in Rio: One done and one to go

Meghan Musnicki ’05 races tomorrow in the women’s eight final.  Tune in for a GOLD medal performance. 

Emily Morley ’16 completed her Olympic debut finishing 30th in the W1x. She met several of her goals this regatta, the biggest was racing in the 6 boat E final!  She felt good about her race and her overall performance at the Olympics. While Emily was meeting with the press and her family after the race, Beth and I attended to the boat and loaded it the Empacher container. That’s a wrap.