April 14 race results, April 21 preview

Ithaca Crew – April 14 Home Regatta Results – April 21 preview

The Ithaca men’s and women’s Crews won 7 of 8 races on Cayuga Inlet last Saturday against competition from Skidmore and St. Lawrence, with Smith College included in the women’s events. Crews faced moderate variable headwinds on the course with stakeboat starts.

The Ithaca Women’s Varsity took multiple-length wins in their heat against SLU and final versus Smith, with closer margins for the 2V, 3V and Novice events. In Men’s racing the Varsity and 2V also prevailed by large margins, with SLU prevailing over Ithaca’s A and B novice entries.

Women’s results:

WV8 heat:           IC 7.18.9, SLU 7.30.7

WV8 final:           IC 7.09.1, Smith 7.28.9

WV8 petite final: SLU 7.46.8, Skidmore 8.44.2

W2V8 final:         IC 7.44.6, Smith 7.49.7, SLU 7.52.5

W3V8 final:         IC 7.57.3, Smith 8.00.0

WN8 final:           IC 7.58.6, SLU 8.00.5

Men’s results:

MV8:                     IC 6.29.6, SLU 6.51.6, Skidmore 7.05.9

M2V8:                   IC 6.53.3, SLU 7.29.2

MN8:                     SLU 6.56.6, IC A 7.07.6, IC B 7.28.7

This weekend Ithaca travels to Worcester, MA, as WPI hosts men’s and women’s competition with IC, Colby, Trinity and UNH, with WilliamSmith added in women’s racing on Lake Quinsigamond. Itinerary information:

On Friday, 4/20, the crews will meet the buses after classes at 4:20pm, departing at 4:30pm. Buses will go directly to the hotel

Directions to Hotel;         Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany.  I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90 past Albany, towards Boston, and onto the Mass. Pike which is still I-90.  Exit from Mass Pike at Worcester (exit 10) to I-290 east through the city.  Exit 15, right onto Shrewsbury Street.  Proceed to the end and bear right onto route 9 east (Belmont Street).  Stay on route 9 about 4 miles and the Days Inn will be on the left.  Pass it, then turn U-turn at the next traffic light (Wal-Mart Plaza), and proceed back to the Days Inn.

Days Inn Shrewsbury, 889 Boston Turnpike.        508-842-8500

Directions from hotel to race course;     Return on route 9 west, just less than 4 miles and turn right on N. Quinsigamond Ave. BEFORE crossing the lake.  Proceed north on N. Quinsigamond about 1 mile.  Race site (Donahue Boathouse) is on left, bus parking is on the right. Spectators should follow police guidance for parking.

Race Schedule; 7:30 am                regatta meeting.              Lanes 1-6

Crews launch from Donahue 45 minutes prior to race time.

8:30        Wv8       heats, lanes to be drawn

8:50        W2v8     heats, lanes to be drawn

10:10     M3v8     Trin        IC            WPI

10:20     M2v8     UNH      Colby     IC            Trin        WPI

10:30     Mv8       IC            Trin        WPI        Colby     UNH

10:40     W4v8     to be drawn

10:50     W3v8     to be drawn

11:00     W2v8     final, based on heat results

11:20     Wv8       final, based on heat results

Race notes:        All races are 2000 meters with stake-boats on a buoyed course. The crew tent will be located at Donahue Boathouse and will have food. Donahue Boathouse is about 500m gone on the race course, which begins under the I-290 bridge and proceeds south, with finish line just prior to the Rt. 9 bridge over the lake. Buses may stop for fast food lunch on the way home.  Buses should return to Ithaca in time for dinner on campus.

Next week – results from the Worcester racing and preview of April 28, home regatta and Ithaca Crew 50th anniversary celebration.


April 14 Race – final schedule

APRIL 14 HOME RACE – Ithaca (IC), Skidmore (SC), Smith, St. Lawrence (StL)
Here is the link to the Lane draw and Live results

note entry changes for the 12:25 (M2V8) race and 1:20 (W4) races

9:45am Regatta Meeting

11:00   Wv8         (SC Smith)
11:10   Wv8         (IC StL)
11:20   Mnov8     (IC StL IC b)
11:45   W2v8       (IC StL Smith)
11:50   Mv8         (IC StL SC)
12:20   W3v8       (IC Smith)
12:25   M2v8       (IC StL)
12:50   Wnov8    (IC StL)
1:00     Wv8         1st place crews
1:10     Wv8         2nd place crews
1:20     W4           (StL IC)

Reminder that there will be no spectator or athlete parking at the Boathouse parking lot due to the visiting team trailers. Parking will be available  via Cascadilla Street, at the lots across the railroad tracks from the Boathouse. Check the main blog Visiting Teams link above, then select the Directions & Parking tab.

Saturday 4/14/2018 Race Schedule.

APRIL 14 HOME RACE – Ithaca (IC), Skidmore (SC), Smith, St. Lawrence (StL)
Here is the link to the Lane draw and Live results
9:45am Regatta Meeting

11:00   Wv8         (SC Smith)
11:10   Wv8         (IC StL)
11:20   Mnov8     (IC StL IC b)
11:45   W2v8       (IC StL Smith)
11:50   Mv8         (IC StL SC)
12:20   W3v8       (IC Smith)
12:25   M2v8       (IC StL SC)
12:50   Wnov8    (IC StL)
1:00     Wv8         1st place crews
1:10     Wv8         2nd place crews
1:20     W4           (StL IC a IC b)

Busy, challenging weekend for Ithaca Crews !

Busy, challenging, race weekend for Ithaca Crews !

Last weekend the Ithaca Crews traveled to Rochester on Saturday morning to race University of Rochester, RIT and Franklin & Marshall on a swift-flowing Genesee River, then returned home to race Geneseo, St. John Fisher and Nazareth on Sunday morning.

The Rochester regatta was conducted under some of the coldest racing conditions we have ever experienced, the temperatures not above the freezing mark until the last races of the day, with a consistent headwind and fierce head-current. All races had floating starts, so actual distances could vary.

In double dual format, the Varsity Men lost a squeaker to RIT, but defeated U Rochester handily. In 3-boat format, the IC Novice Men took the Frosh/Novice 8 event over RIT and U Rochester easily, and the IC 3V8 finished 2nd to RIT but ahead of the RIT 2nd Novice.

Ithaca swept the Women’s competition, Varsity double-dual races had IC winning solidly against RIT in the first race, and similarly over U Rochester in the race 2. Similarly, the Women’s 2V had large margins over RIT in race 1, then again over Franklin & Marshall in race 2. Ithaca’s Novice Women earned a 3-length margin over RIT.


MV8: RIT 7.19.98, IC 7.21.62         Race 2: Ithaca 7.38.5, U Rochester 8.18.2

M Nov 8: IC 7.55.7, RIT 8.12.2, U Rochester 8.28.8

M 3V8: RIT 8.02.8, IC 8.33.6, RIT 2N 8.37.3

WV8: IC 8.22.25, RIT 8.33.7           race 2: IC 8.35.41, U Rochester 9.13.66

W2V8: IC 9.09.6, RIT 9.21.21         race 2: IC 9.40.75, Frank & Marshall 10.52.12

WNov8: IC 9.34.21, RIT 9.46.37

The Crews returned to Ithaca in “defrost”-mode, and geared up to host three visiting crews Sunday morning, with temperatures again staying below freezing. There was slight tail-current, and some building headwind for the later races, with occasional snow-showers. Starting was from stakeboats for the 2000m course.

The Ithaca Men swept their races, with the varsity eight breaking into two fours, and all winning margins of 3 lengths or more. Similarly, the Women’s crews swept their eights events.


MV8: IC 2V 7.09.8, Geneseo 7.21.0

MN8: IC 7.28.2, IC V4A 7:44.3, Geneseo 8.09.4

MV4: IC B 7.55.4, Geneseo 8.17.5, St.John Fisher 8.53.3

MN4: IC 8.08.7, Nazareth 8.47.4

WV8: IC3V 8.16.6, Geneseo 8.29.2

WV4: St.John Fisher 9.19.2, IC 9.33.4

WN8A: IC 8.16.5, St.John Fisher 9.29.0

WN8B: IC 8.53.3, Geneseo 9.19.3, Nazareth 11.00.2

Many thanks to parents, alumni and friends who braved the cold at both venues and supported the crews and the Big Blue Family tent. Details on next weekend’s home race with St.Lawrence, Skidmore will follow in postings later this week.

50 Years Update!

We are three weeks away from our 50th year celebration weekend.  I have made some updates to the Weekend Activities Page.  On the page you will find the link to register.

A few new additions:

All Alumni who register can use the pool Thursday 4/26- Sunday 4/29 during open pool hours.   I will have a list of names at the lifeguard station.

Don’t like to swim?  Training for a triathlon……. All Alumni who register can use the Fitness Center Friday 4/27- Sunday 4/29 during open hours.  I will have a list of names at the Fitness Center Main Desk.


Looking for something to do Friday Night from 6-8 PM??
Classes 1969-1979  Gathering at the Garden Hilton
Classes 1980-1990 Gathering at Joe’s

There will be Campus tours Friday at 3 PM and Saturday at 4 PM.

PT Major?  There is a special Panel and Networking event on Friday 2-4 PM.

Click here to see EVERYTHING!!